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32 Zone

The effect of the main entrance is always powerful, whether it is positive or negative. The main entrance leaves an indelible impression on the life of those who live in that building. As the direction is important, the main entrance also has its own independent effect. The outer part of the building is the conscious mind, the inner part is the subconscious mind. From this point of view, the main entrance works to establish a connection between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. The entrance not only controls in-house activities but outdoor activities as well. This is the reason the door frame has been of great importance since ages. To find the correct position of the entrance to any building, 360 degrees around the center should be spherical and divided into 32 parts. The angular measurement of each part is 11.25 degrees. This way you can get the possible 32 entrance of a building. Nine of these 32 potential entrances to the main entrance of a building are extremely beneficial. East, West, North and South, there are eight entrances in each direction, which have different effects and side effects.

East direction main entrances and their impact :-

West direction main entrances and their impact :-

North direction main entrances and their effects :-

Southern main entrances and their impact :-