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Number 1

1. Name number 1 people are remembered for a long time.

2. They get great success, popularity and fame.

3. They turn to be very helpful for others.

4. They make great actors and leaders.

5. They are beneficial in the social field.

  Your lucky number is 1.

  The planet governing you is the Sun, the emperor of all planets.

  You are a very good planner and have your own independent views. You have the inborn qualities of administration and leadership. You are of serious nature with firm thinking. You shall be respected all over in your social circle. attractive personality and will always be progressing in your life. You are very brilliant and cannot accept your defeat, even if you are defeated and prefer to lay your life instead of bowing before anybody.

  You can be a very good businessman if you enter in the field of Jewellery, Gold, medical, medicines, army, scientific equipment, fire extinguishers, paper, cloth and grains.. It will be difficult for you to remain under someone in administrative services. You can only be chief executive officer or head of department.

  For your business, house and employment, the directions of west, north-east and north-west are favourable. The direction of south-west is not favourable to you.

  During your old age you will suffer from diabetes and heart diseases. You will also face problems relating to skin, eyes and head.

  For your luck and good health wear Ruby (Manik) in gold or copper ring.