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Number 5

1. One of the best name numbers. In fact number 41 is seen to cure a lot of diseases as well.

2. People with name number 5 become popular in their own group or community.

3. This name number makes people positive.

4. Best name number for business.

5. Generally people are successful.

  Your lucky number is 5.

  The planet governing yau is the Mercury.

  By birth you are very lucky, intelligent, a deep thinker and with a sharp mind. You have an ability to influence others ver easily. You like to travel a lot. You are a businessman by nature and have an ability to make gold out of even sand.

  You can succeed in the Business of Jewellery, clocks and watches, readymade clothes, publishing and stationery etc.

  For success and progress in your business and job, the directions of north-east and north-west will be favourable to you. The directions of South and south-west will not be favourable to you.

  Health - You may be suffering from nose bleeding since your childhood. You are likely to suffer from the problems of throat, tongue, breath related diseases and unconsciousness etc.

  For your luck and good health wear Emerald (Panna) in gold ring You can also wear Turquoise (Firoza) in silver ring.