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Number 7

1. It makes people lonely and unlike by friends and relatives.

2. They have good chances of going through law suits.

3. They are good planners.

4. They get involved in scandals.

5. They have to face a lot of delays and obstacles in life.

  Your lucky number is 7.

  The planet governing you is the Naptune (Varun).

  You are simple, have patience, like change, have imagination, fond of art, you are religious and a lover of literature and music. You are also a great philosopher and thinker. You will be respected in the society due your nature of being compassionate. You have have the power of independent thinking, originality and an attractive personality. Although you are religious, but you will have your own way of worship. You lag behind in your own progress as the most of your time is spent in advising the others.

  You can succeed in the Business of Iron, electrical goods, motor parts, rubber, liquor, plastic, liquid items,medicines etc.

  For success and progress in your business and job, the directions of south-east and north-east will be favourable to you. The directions of north-west will not be suitable to you.

  The colours favourable to you are White, light yellow, pink or green. To avoid accidents and other mis- happenings you should prefer the Car and two wheelers of above colours. You should prefer the clothes of

  Health- You are likely to suffer from the problems of stomach, eyes, lungs, incurable diseases, and injury on the head. To solve your health problems, you must keep salt-free fast on every Tuesday

  For your good luck and improvement in your health, you must wear Cat's eye (Lahsunia) in silver ring. Youcan also wear Coral (Moonga) in silver ring.