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Number 9

1. Person having this name number is usually frank.

2. They are mostly expressive in life.

3. They are creative.

4. They want to be independent.

5. They have strong will and determination.

6. This name number helps to bear the hardship, obstacles and opposition of life.

  Your lucky number is 9.

  Your ruling planet is Mars.

  You are very self-confident, courageous, hardworking, brave and always struggling to solve the problems. You are angry by nature and have tendency to fight with others. You cannot tolerate your criticism. You are also very impatient. You will always be trying to improve yourself and try to learn more and more.

  You can succeed in the Business of Iron and Steel, Medicines, fireworks, agriculture, land and property or meat. Never do a business of Elecrical goods or any job related to electricity because there is great danger for you in it

  For success and progress in your business and job the directions of north-east and south-west will be favourable to you. The directions of north-west and north-east will not be favourable to you.

  You are likely to suffer from the urinary problems, blood pressure, inflammation, piles, and skin related problems. During old age you may have heart related problems. You should avoid all types of spices toprevent all these diseases. To avoid all type of health problems keep salt free fast on every Tuesday.

  For good luck and the best of health you must wear Coral (Moonga) in gold or copper ring.