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About Direction Rode North

  • Direction - North
  • Planet-Marcury
  • Color - Blue

This Direction Rode North Zone represents Money or Treasure, its energy helps you to generate New Opportunities to earn money.

About Direction Rode North East

  • Direction - North East
  • Planet-Jupiter
  • Elemant-Water
  • Color - Blue

It is the Zone of Wisdom, Meditation and Inspiration. In Vastu, this Zone is ideal for Meditation, Good for wealh,helth & knowledge,spiritual development,overall prosperity from this direction


About Direction Rode East

  • Direction - East
  • Planet-SUN
  • Color - Green

The energy generated by East Zone facilitates the Social Connectivity. It is the ideal Zone for a Drawing Room.

About Direction Rode South East

  • Direction - South East
  • Planet-Vinush
  • Elemant-Fire
  • Color - Red

Also known as the Fire Zone,good for female, cash follow,daily liqudity, good for financial decision,will power, creativity, it is the Zone of Money.


About Direction Rode South

  • Direction - South
  • Planet-MARSH
  • Color - Red

Most importantly, this is the Zone of Fame, Recognition and Social Reputation.peace of mind and sound sleep ,sleeping here gives Relaxation [ south side head]

About Direction Rode South West

  • Direction - South West
  • Planet-RAHU
  • Elemant-EARTH
  • Color - Yellow

It is the Zone of Skill, Marriage, Family Harmony, Bonding, Stability in life and Relationships.ANCESTORS (pitra), confidence,courage


About Direction Rode West

  • Direction - West
  • Planet-sani
  • Color - Gray

The energy of this Zone ensures that no action or effort made by you goes waste.growth profit & Gains

About Direction Rode North West

  • Direction - North West
  • Planet-MOON
  • Elemant-VAYU
  • Color - White

The North-West Zone generates the energy that attracts Supportive and Helpful people for any cause you pursue. good Connection & Communication, publicitye


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