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Scorpio is the 8th sign of the Zodiac. It is also 30° in longitude. It extends from the 210th degree from Vernal Equinox (Aries Mesha 0) to 240°. Sun will be moving away from the celestial equator towards the south. The constellation or the nakshathras Visakam 4th quarter. Anuradha and Jyeshta are contained in this sign, Vrischika. The concluding part of this sign Kataka and Meena also is termed Bhasandhi and Riksha Sandhi. Scorpio is the 2nd sign of Mars : the first sign governed by Mars is a barren, masculine, positive, cardinal, movable chara, fiery sign : the second is a fruitful, fixed, Sthira, feminine yet violent and a watery sign. It is of long ascension. Mars is the ruler of this sign. No planet gets exalted in this sign. But Moon becomes weakened and is debilitated. Scorpio is the sign of detriment to Venus.

Physical Features

The body will be well proportioned, Hands are generally long. The stature is above average. Broad face, commanding appearance, short and curly hair and muscular body are indicated by Scorpio. They have good personally.


Scorpio is a fixed sign : Therefore you are a particularly determined individual especially when you get yourself a goal, you will not beat about the bush. But straight you will plunge into the business. You cannot keep idle, nor can you afford to waste time till you hit your target. You are at your best only when there are obstacles and hindrances. You will never give up, nor surrender; but you will fight to the last leaving the ultimate result to God.

Being a watery sign, you have fertile imagination and sharp intelligence. You do not know your own ability. Actually it is latent in you. But if it is made known to you, if it is aroused and you are set into action, you will prove that you are full of dynamic energy and will complete your job without rest and relaxation. Probably Hanumanji (Anjeneya) would have been born in this sign.

Further, the watery sign shows that you will have intense feeling and emotion which comes from the water element. It gives remarkable intuition and so you can diagnose correctly. As a medical man, you can flourish. You are also a good critic. You are resourceful. In all matters pertaining to finance, as you have proper intuition and prompt action, you will be successful in buying and selling. You will enjoy life to your entire satisfaction from the low type carnal pleasures to the high poetical and mystical adventures.

Mars, the owner of the sign gives you self-assertion, impulsive action, courage, resolution, independence, excitement, forcefulness. etc. You will have likes and dislikes. You are an extremist. You have either practical business ability or you may be drawn to reckless habits. You may have the tendency to over-ride and keep others under control. You are unyielding, self-reliant and assured. You will not mind standing alone and fighting you own battle. You are self made.

Due to Mars, you lose your temper quickly, you get irritated. It gives you the habit of drinking (Probably to have warmth). Mars threatens some ill-repute to you as you may be rash and you may go headlong. Scorpio is highly sexed sign. You may evince unusual interest in the mysterious of nature as well as in psychic subjects. Scorpio produces excellent research workers on their own original lines. You will not accept any theory simply because it is antiquated. You will not accept any theory simply because it is antiquated. You want rational thinking, convincing argument and scientific explanation. You will not follow old customs though you do not disrespect them.

You hate gossip, loose talk, black mailing, etc. You are brief and your words are well chosen. You generally put off things to the last moment. You prepare at the eleventh hour and come out successful. Scorpio horses start last but finish first.

You do not interfere in others' matters. You take interest only when it concerns you. You will appear to be frank, plain and blunt. But actually you keep secrets and when you criticise others, you pass sarcastic remarks. You will invariably keep a trumpcard to save yourself. You never under-estimate the inimical forces. Yo are fully aware and hence you keep one item of importance undisclosed.

Scorpions can be cunning also. You are always very true and loyal, faithful and reliable. You continue to be so, till you come to know that your friend or master tries to let you down or tries to do you harm. Then you will be revengeful and relentless.

Characteristics to be corrected

Do not pass sarcastic remarks. Don't expect all your subordinates to be either as clever or hardworking as you are. So, do not be over critical. Control yourself whenever you lose your temper. Try to avoid the secret enmity of the ladies. Do not stood to foul play. Even if you lose, allow the loss; wait; shortly you will regain what all you lost. Do not be selfish. Mr. Max Heindele in "The Message of the Stars" Says "Scorpions not only refuse to work themselves, but become demagogues who incite others to anarchy and lawlessness and destruction. These People are social firebrands and very dangerous to the community" if the bad side of scorpio dominates.


Scorpio governs the generative organs, the bladder, which have to cause disease; if they occupy Scorpio, they affect the bladder, womb, ovaries etc. Jupiter and Mars in Scorpio lead to trouble by enlargement of the prostrate gland. Venereal distemper is the main disease caused by Scorpio. Stone in the bladder is caused mostly by Saturn.

For people born in Scropio, the 6th house there from is the sign which indicates the disease; therefore the disease signified by Aries, the planets occupying Aries, those in the constellation of the occupants, those in the constellation of lord of 6, and Mars cause ailment. Therefore affections of the brain, insominia, neuralgia, coma, trance, inflammation, obsession, somnambulism are signified by Aries. Scorpio being a fixed sign, Moon is not only a Rajayoga adhipathi but also a Bhadhaka Sthana adhipathi. Therefore Moon may cause anxious ill-health to those who are born in Scorpio. Jupiter and Venus are Maraka Sthana adhipathis. [6th house disease; 2, 7 and 8 danger.

Finance and Fortune

Scorpio indicates chemistry, medicine, insurance, maternity beverage, breweries, boilers, steam engines, automobile, mine, military, water supply, dam construction, tools, machinery, slaughter house, labour department, tea, coffee, tobacco, copper, tin parboiled rice, jiggery, mine ores, horses and elephants, to excavate and catch elephants, etc. Greatest surgeons, chemists, research workers, detective and intelligent workers are born in this sign. Soliders, dentists, barbers, butchers, those who work with iron and steel, rail yoading, applied mechanics military and naval activity art also indicated by Scorpio. Generally Scorpio-borns are lucky where money is concerned. In speculation, they will invariably gain as lord of 2 is also lord of 5. Eventually, their income will be substantial. They are always lucky in anything they want vehicle, wife, business, house, garden, cattle etc. They know how to make money; but they do not know to save it. They are extravagant.

Friends and Benefactors

What an extremist is the Scorpio-born/ When they make friendship, they become very intimate in a very short period. But it there is any friction, you cannot find a worse enemy. Because Scorpio-borns retaliate relentlessly. Therefore Scorpio-borns do not have life, long friends. But the friends whom they choose will be in positions having much power and authority, or they will be influential. Knowing the nature of the Scorpio-people, if one adjusts and gets close to them, he can have much benefit through them and can expect permanent tie of friendship. You should not be violent. You will never accept others arguments. You do not want to show that you are convinced. But if you correct yourself, you will be very popular. Lower type of Scorpio will be notorious.

Every action has a reaction; everyone; everyone is repaid in the same coin. 11th house indicates friends and benefactors. Mercury rules the 11th sign. He also governs the 8th house. Therefore the friends. Mercurians also will not mind letting you down and bring you disgrace if you make their friendship, be a good friend for some period and the rub them on the wrong side. Therefore, do not take anybody into your confidence and at any unguarded moment leak out any of your secret matters. No doubt, you are capable of keeping important ones to yourself. Yet observe this very strictly.

Romance and Marriage

Scorpio-borns have complex moods. Yet you are intense, dynamic and energetic in romance and lover affairs. Unless you have sympathy, good understanding and steady affection and try to cultivate, you cannot have a pleasant and smooth life with the opposite sex. Though it is common to most of the people, it is especially true in Scorpio-borns that they consider this world a Heaven for them if they receive compliments and appreciation from the partner and that they became depressed or disgusted or downcast or broken down if the partner passes any criticism or do not approve the action of the Scorpio-borns.

pleasing partner; difficulties arise only when these houses are occupied or aspected by malefics. Scorpio-brides enjoy their lives if the partners show equally a genuine affection and deep love. One is fortunate if she has her husband born in Scorpio. She will lead a smooth life with people born in Pisces or Cancer; she will agree with the husband, born in Virgo or Capricorn Taurus husband will contribute for her happiness. He will tone down the fiery nature or the moody temperament of the girl. He knows how to dance or adjust, so that any disharmony among themselves is not let known to any one else. He cares more for honour and family prestige. The difficulty with Scorpio-girls (only when the ascendant is afflicted) is that they work very hard, they are really true, but they suddenly loose temper, forget themselves and loudly retort without any consideration for the position of the husband. A Scorpio-woman had her ascendant afflicted by the malefic. Once her husband unusually consented to feed a very old poetess and philosopher when the latter made a humble request to him. With all humility he very slowly and politely informed his wife. Imagine her reaction I Throughout the time she was engaged in preparing dish she was offering Sahasranama archana to husband. Later while serving the food, when he appealed to offer a little more to the old lady, she without missing the aim, straight on his head broke the mud pot. The bottom being weak, gave way. But the mouth of the pot was strong. So she garlanded him with the ring of the mud pot. Another Scorpio-woman poured a cupful of boiling soup on the head of her husband when he mentioned that she forgot to use salt on that day and that the soup was flat and insipid. Therefore, It is a curse to marry a bride born in Scorpio with adverse aspects to her Lagna and Mars. One has to console himself by saying "This is my lot; my fate". But if it receives good aspect or at least no bad aspect, one cannot get a better wife than Scorpio-borns. Similarly, the Scorpio-gents will be. They will appreciate the qualities of their wives.

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