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About Mr. Chetan Goswami (Founder & CEO)

Mr. Chetan Goswani is a well-known Vastu visharad and astrologer based in surat(Gujrat) and He is the founder of 3D ENERGY SOLUTIONS, he is in the field of Vastu and astrology for 11 years and has completed his 5 years Degree in Astrology from Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan Mumbai.
Mr. Chetan Goswani is a Master of Gemology trained from ISGJ-THE JEWELLERY COLLEGE and is also the master of essential oil, perfumery, and aromatherapy and has completed his degree from MSME authorized by the GOVERNMENT OF INDIA.
He has a very unique way of making lives better.
Mr. Chetan Goswani is a strong believer in science and all his techniques are science-based which has shown results in people’s lives for many years.

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Every person living in this world has problems in their life. Problems like Health issues, Wealth issues, Relationship issues, Career issues etc. Mr CHETAN GOSWAMI has started a revolutionary vision to help all to face and cure their problems and provide them opportunities with 3D ENERGY SOLUTION   served services. We have helped and inspired Millions of people who are living a Happy and Prosperous Life.


We at 3denergysolution.com have a team of experts who have successfully enriched thousands of lives through effective Vastu planning and its implementations. Our experts areresponsible for Vastu planning for thousands of families and businesses. It includes homes, villas houses, businesses, building constructions, Plots, Hospitals, Institutions, bungalows, and Hotels worldwide since 2010.  During the layout planning for the client, our experts have worked with many reputed architects, structural engineers and, also interior designers.


Accuracy of measurement both of the direction scanning and dimension are crucial factors in the success of the practice. Experience is a significant asset in the practice of Vastu Shastra & Astrology


System & Skills

We have developed a new method and new technology ADS 777 + Advanced  Vastu skills with unique space healing techniques. The results are encouraging and impressive! It can accommodate all types of locations – from small apartments to large industries, residential projects, and hotels. Our consultation is highly based on our personal experience of more than 11 years.

On each day we continue to improve upon the knowledge we have gained through practical interaction with our clients, and pursue mastery in our practice. Abundance, positive space, and efficiency for all are our aim. We are very passionate about creating life-supporting spaces. For us, each project is different, unique, and challenging.

We offer a unique service with personal attention to each & every client based on their needs & style without compromising on basic Vastu principles. We have earned a reputation for delivering positive results by enriching people’s lives with abundance in peace and prosperity. As a full-time 3D ENERGY SOLUTION, we have done Vastu layouts for new as well as renovated projects around the world.

Vastu is best when implemented in the initial stage of construction &designing, but it can also be applied to an existing property as well to support your vision.

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