Our Policy


The services and remedies provided by us are dependent on your belief system and your faith. By availing our services and remedies you confirm that you are doing so, using your best and prudent judgment. We do not offer, provide or imply any guarantees, warranties, promises or assurances of any kind including but not limited to reducing, improving, overcoming and resolving of your problems and take no liability monetary or otherwise, whatsoever, for nonachievement of desired objective. We through our website as well as our consultancy, services and remedies, do not promise or commit you money, fame, power, job, marriage, good relations, solving legal matters, cure or healing or anything else. We do not take any responsibility and do not accept any liability, monetary or otherwise, whatsoever, for any error, inaccuracy or mistake in any readings or data or reports generated/ prepared/ interpretations and/ or remedies given, using the Advanced Digital Scanner and software. The Advanced Digital Scanner and related software are for research and educational purpose only. Our consultations or services including therapies and remedies are not a substitute for medical diagnosis, medication and/ or treatment. For any health issue/s you agree to promptly consult a registered medical doctor and follow his/ her medication and/ or treatment. The payment for our services, consultation and remedies is non-refundable. By availing our consultation, services, remedies, products and therapies, it is deemed that you agree to the entire “Terms & Conditions”.