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Each member of the world is attached to one type of electromagnetic field. Negative energy emanating from the ground The scanner of seven chakras in the body and the Negative-Positive use this scanner to know the energy. This scanner can know the exact solution of every household energy. Geopathic stresses, infrared rays, the seven wheel cycle imbalances can also be checked with this scanner. This scanner can also be analyzed by a person’s halo. The scanner of the land is neglecting the angle and direction of the negative energy of the house. This scanner can also be known from today’s modern era. Most of the buildings in today’s era are flats of Vaastuvad. It can not be done. Now, with the help of flight scans, checking every corner-direction energy of the house, and balancing the level where the level is low, it can be removed from the home’s faulty fault.

Vastu Shastra is based on five energies i.g. EARTH, WATER, FIRE, AIR & SPACE. These five energies are INVISIBLE but very strong, so much that even God’s made it statutory that their temples should be made on the basis of this science.

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