This place is a supervised by lord Eeshaan, and is a source of wealth, health and success. He brings us wisdom, knowledge and relieves us from all miseries and mishaps.

  • [North-East Corner / Ishan]
    Every vastu consultant would like to highlight the water energy immensely more so
    because jupiter, Water and the Head of Vastu purush, ALL are in the north-east corner but
    by highlighting the water energy I would probably damage the importance of the other
    energies. For me all energies are equally powerful and important. The only reason why the
    north-east corner has been highlighted more is because if you had a handicap of brain
    then you are not worth anything that is way the north-east corner tends to be focused
    more. It has been observed that the real source of Water or underground storage of Water
    in the north-east corner preferably in the north of north-east is like unseen hands of God
    that is always there to support you and bring you out safely from any crisis you may have
    come across. You can always trust on the water that is in the north-east corner, It is my
    notion that negative energies must travel through some medium and this medium is the
    moisture in the Air. Whenever the negative energies see storage of water it stops traveling
    and starts residing in the stored water. Therefore when the water energies are stored in
    the north-east corner, The negative energies happen to start residing there and as they
    come in contact with jupiter they change their characteristics. Therefore water energy
    placed in its right position will give right results. Scientifically the ultra violet rays that fall on
    the earth during four to ten in the morning will always fall in the north-east corner and
    polarize the water so that it becomes human friendly.
    There is an unseen magnet in the north-east corner. The north-east corner is the weakest
    corner in the whole structure therefore the most powerful ‘God’ has selected to reside
    there so that no one else sit or sleep there. Any person, who happens to sit or sleep in the
    northeast corner, will tend to degenerate his growth in all spheres of life.


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