This direction is directed by Niruti, the god who protects us from evil foes. It is a source of character, demeanor, case of longevity and death.


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Earth [South-West Corner I Nairutya]
The energy of earth is placed in the south-west corner and is also the corner of the planet
known as RAHU. According to Hindu mythology RAHU is the king of demons. The
characteristics of RAHU are to bring negativity. The symbol of RAHU is head of the snake.
Coming back to energy of Earth, it is a symbol of stability because like said above it is only
this planet that has gravitational force. If you were on moon, because of on gravity on
moon you will have to hold something to move from place to place, otherwise you may go
haywire. Similarly any distortion in the corner of south-west (Earth) will lead to instability. A
perfect ninety degree south-west corner in the structure is a source of stability. It should be
the highest corner in the plot and the building. It is very important for the owner of the
house or business to sleep or sit there respectively because, if you don’t then, the head of
the snake is very flexible and shall start opening wide and swallow whatever resources
you have. I always say that, empty south-west will make you a rich man without money.
Therefore it is important to have a bed room and office in your house or business premise
in the southwest respectively. The other reason why you should sleep or sit in south-west
is because Jupiter is in north-east and Jupiter is Guru of Gods. This Jupiter has a
tendency to look diagonally in the south-west corner. According to Hindu Mythology, a
person who comes in the site of the Jupiter will always grow. Therefore unless and until
you don’t sleep r sit in the south-west corner the God is not looking at you and therefore
the growth and stability is always a question. IT MUST BE NOTED THAT. IT IS THE


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